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AFLA likes to thank all his clients for years of wonderful and passionate work relationships. By celebrating our lives with  ideals of beauty, we may pride ourself that we attempted to enrich the landscapes of our and future communities.

Special thank you to all of you idealists who never tired going the extra mile, creating stimulating and rejuvenating human landscape oasis's. Without your passion and personal input, we would not have advanced.


Andreas Flache ph: 510 845 4129

Client Kensington 2013

Andreas is a true artist who transformed our outdoor area from mostly unusable space into a beautiful garden that we are now able to enjoy, skillfully incorporating our needs into the design.  A couple of things that set Andreas apart – he has great passion for his work, which was apparent from our first meeting, and he has the vision to see a space’s potential, no matter how challenging the project.  In our case, one of our challenges was a small, sloped lot with street exposure.  After Andreas worked his magic, our garden is not only beautiful and more private, but actually feels much bigger. Another testament to Andreas’ talent is that we have received many compliments from neighbors and passers-by who inquire about who designed our garden.  Overall, the final result greatly exceeded our expectations. Maureen & Michael

Client Alamo 2013

After several moves around the country, to towns where the locals take their gardens very seriously, we settled into the “leafy burb” of Alamo, CA.  Upon first visit, Mr. Flache’s vision started to take hold.  The goal of the collaborative process:  convert a scrappy backyard and 1950’s pool area into a unique extension of our daily living space.   The result:  a series of tailored environments, each providing a totally unique experience.  

In all things worth undertaking, details matter.  In our case, it was the seemingly insignificant items that made the difference between a functional yard, and a garden with which the family can grow.  Mr. Flache’s vision gave us the latter, and we love it more every day. Douglas B. B.  Executive Vice President, Western Region

Client Orinda 2013

Andreas Flache is a gifted landscape architect who was a pleasure to work with.  We completed a complete renovation of our home and landscaping and were extremely impressed with Andreas's work and with the finished project.  The experience was the best part of a very involved construction project.

Andreas was very sensitive to creating a space that would work aesthetically with the architecture of our redesigned home and functionally with the needs of our family.  He created a beautiful outdoor space for us that has become our main living space for us, our children, and gatherings.  With each season it evolves, surprises, and delights us.  We receive glowing comments from everyone who visits our home.

During the design and implementation process Andreas was always highly accessible and responsive to our needs.  As issues have arisen even several years after completion he has always been available to address them.  He is a consummate professional and is passionate about creating beautiful, living, dynamic outdoor spaces.  We would eagerly work with him again and recommend him to all our friends. Megan Moore`

Client Orinda 2012

My wife and I hired Andreas for a complete landscape design on our home.  In its original state, the front and back yards had been terribly neglected.  Andreas spent several hours listening to our ideas and offered many helpful suggestions to achieve our goal of a structured, modern space that was also family-friendly.  Andreas has a very good aesthetic sense and offered many useful suggestions.  His design plans were comprehensive and thorough.  He met with our landscape contractor throughout the project to offer additional oversight.

In short, Andreas was a pleasure to work with and we recommend him highly.  He did an outstanding job for us. James M.

Client Oakland 2009

“More than 10 years ago, we hired Andreas to design a small entry way and he wowed us with his ability to transform the space and think out of the box.  Since then we’ve worked with Andreas on several other projects, and he has improved our lives greatly by giving beauty to all our outdoor spaces.  He is extremely gifted and passionate about what he does.  His ability to see something where there seems to be nothing, and his ability to manipulate that "unusable" space is unparalleled.  Andreas has inspires us everyday with his artistry and friendship, and he has inspired us on a lifelong journey for beauty in the garden."Michael C.

Berkeley Parent Network April 2007

Andreas Flache consulted for us briefly - he was too busy at the time - but in our short meetings he sketched on napkins really GREAT IDEAS that became the bones of our hardscape. He is really a delightful person to work with, who has both grand visions and practical solutions. Kristin in Berkeley

Berkeley Parent Network April 2007

We've worked with Andreas & his contractor on our hillside home. His designs were great, we can show them to you if you'd like to see them. We also loved his energy, he has a passion for what he does and is an artist, which we appreciated. You can call me to talk more, but to make a long story short, we're happy with the designs, but only had money to install the hardscapes & trees so far, so we haven't seen the design in reality. The contractor he works with (Abraham Magana) is awesome. Very professional, hard working, knows his business, I could go on and on. Gina

Berkeley Parent Network July 2004

Andreas is the landscape architect we are using for our home, and I think he is truly remarkable. I want to thank the person who originally posted a recommendation for him on this list, because we feel so lucky to have him! He is extremely talented, creative, and thorough, as well as very professional and conscientious. We were totally blown away by the drawings and plans that he came up with for our yard. They were amazing and very original. He is also a nice, easygoing person. I can't say enough good things about him!  member of the fan club

Berkeley Parent Network Feb. 2004

Id like to recommend Andreas Flache (Berkeley, tel 845- 4129) for landscape architecture and design. I'd searched for almost a year, interviewing various people, looking at different gardens, until I found someone as excellent as Andreas. Andreas has a masters degree in landscape architecture, is very professional and knowledgeable, is very reasonably priced (we got a lot for our money), and was very easy to work with. He designed a gorgeous courtyard garden for us in a challenging/difficult space that was otherwise unusable. Though he works on huge estates in napa and elsewhere now (his work is in magazines also), he didn't mind working on our smaller project. His high quality work included a set of detailed plans, including a to-be sketch from different angles, detailed plant, drainage, and lighting design, etc. It turned out absolutely amazing, and we couldn't have found anyone with a better eye for blending garden with our home's architecture and making our space usable and beautiful. Sandra




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Andreas Flache     ph: 510 845 4129