Before any landscape design can be expedited, every project requires an updated site survey for anticipated planning area. A survey is not part of the design process.

To receive an As-Built site survey, the client has two options and can request: 1) A legal enforceable and by a government agency recorded site survey through a licensed Surveyor or 2) A for most residential projects sufficient As-Built survey (existing conditions), offered by AFLA showing the same elevation and object outline detail as well as property lines. In addition, AFLA's As-Built site survey records required landscape planning specific site details for the future landscape design.  They may include all existing vegetation, visible landscape systems like electrical, irrigation and or building foundation heights. Building foundation heights are important to know in regard of future landscape finish grades with its related code requirements for soil finishes or site drainage.

AFLA can recommend a licensed Surveyor. In such case, the supplied survey documents will have to be edited later to be used as  landscape documents. In addition, time will be required for a follow up site visit to survey  usually not by a surveyor recorded  mentioned above landscape specific items .


Based on an As-Built site survey, AFLA provides site or building related studies by engaging the client in conceptional landscape ideas, leading to further teamwork developed landscape plans. During this process AFLA provides educated and quality oriented input for a preferred design direction. A final design is a by all parties understood result of previously discussed item’s and may include a wide range of site development ideas. Those ideas can be based on the client’s lifestyle preferences, site advantages, building impact, artistic influences, budget concerns and analysis for maximized investment return.


Construction documents communicate landscape design intend to a Contractor or governing agency and are final submittal documents for a landscape masterplan set. They show all details to construct a project, and incorporate engineer or building architect involvement if required. Construction documents allow to solicit comparable bids or break up a project into future construction phases.

AFLA’s construction specifications specify a minimum quality of medium to high end quality, to protect the client from lesser and longterm more costly, quality build in field by a Landscape Bidder.

Construction documents are intended to create a record drawing for all above or underground build structures for cost saving  future references.


AFLA can provide in addition to standard 2D plan communication or perspective hand sketches, basic 3D SketchUP models to better convey planning intend in fly through presentation. 3D modeling is one more tool to better understand scale and shapes for critical design impacts, often not as easily understood in 2D communication.

3D modeling requires more time to generate and is usually offered as an additional service if a client or project situation should ask for it.


While construction documents and thorough planning try to best anticipate all possible field conditions, reality and construction progress may require additional field adjustments. AFLA highly recommends site supervision which is often the last chance to fine tune designs during the course of installation and or further develop designs.

In addition site supervision enforces specified minimum quality standards and is intended to prevent miscommunication between all parties. Site supervision is essential if a maximized design outcome is anticipated.


Andreas Flache ph: 510 845 4129

Andreas Flache     ph: 510 845 4129